Book Review: “Pretty Little Things” by Teresa Mummert

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Hello folks,

I read this book quite a while ago, so reading the review I had posted on Goodreads back then was a little like going down memory lane…although not that far back in the past. I notice my writing has changed a little and cannot help wondering if I would have written this review a little differently if I had read this book only just a few weeks ago.

In any case, it is always nice to look back a little, it may help me for the future :).


This was nearly a 2 stars for me but this story ended much better than it started so it is a 3 stars now.

I will start with what I did not like first, as I like finishing on a positive note:

1. The plot only really started to develop 3 quarters into the book. Before that it was a story about sexually active young adults nearly out of their teen years. The more serious matter of cults was only just a peripheral topic until that stage, which was a shame.
Developing it from the start would probably have made more sense to the story line.
2. The story really did not warrant for so many sexually explicit scenes in the first part of the book, it really did feel like it was just in there to fill up space.
3.The Jacob character!!! Why is he even in there? He really does not help the story develop at all.

What I did like however:
1. Not knowing whether Colin was truly evil or a good guy until pretty much the end of the story.
2. Developing the cult element of the story enriched both Colin and Annie’s characters.
3. The notion that anyone has the ability to love and deserved to be loved in return.

Would I recommend it as a read…well, I am in 2 minds.
So I would just say, you will need to read it to make up your own mind.




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  1. Jess Alter says:

    I enjoyed your concise book review of “Pretty Little Things” by Teresa Mummert. As a writer, I appreciate that you expressed so clearly what did and did not engage you as a reader. I hope the author understands that it’s not a scathing but a constructively critical review. Writers need to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary characters, of starting the primary plot late, and of inserting titillation for titillation’s sake.

    The author is obviously a strong writer who had a slow start to this particular novel, and she made a few story-crafting mistakes along the way. We all make mistakes; it’s part of evolving as a writer. Reviews are opportunities to hone the writing craft, and this review is a great go-to reference when one redrafts for both what to do and what not to do.

    Great review, Chouett!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

      I do feel I have a lot to learn as a reviewer and I hope I will get there.

      I have always found long reviews to be more of a put off rather than an encouragement to read what could potentially be a very good piece, so I do my best to convey my thoughts in a “to the point” summary. However, I am always mindful that the right balance is needed between putting my thoughts across without putting the writer down as I am aware they are on a journey themselves I would not want a potential reader to be put off because of my opinion. 🙂


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