Get your “Crossfire” on!!! Giveaway!!





Happy Friday People!

I have another Giveaway for you all!!

Author of the Omega Group Series Andrea Domanski has kindly offered to gift 5 ebooks from her novel “Crossfire” previously reviewed here by moi.

You caandreapicn find out more about Andrea and “The Omega Group” series by clicking on her pic.

For the chance to win, you only need to follow and reblog this post, and type #crossfireomega in comment box.

or follow me on Twitter @chouettblog and tweet at me the word #crossfireomega

The giveaway starts…NOW!!!! and will end Monday 9th Midnight!! (GMT London)

Want a take a peek at the plot?!! Just click below


Happy Following!!



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  1. drkottaway says:


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    1. Hi, the giveaway has closed but let me contact the author. 😉

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    2. drkottaway says:

      thank you!

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