Read4Review: “Crossfire” by Andrea Domanski


I was gifted an ARC of Crossfire and would like to take this opportunity to thank the author.

Looking at the cover, I was very quick to assume that it was going to be about your usual young heroine teen with a calling to save the world!!

Well, it was, but with a twist…And this is how Crossfire manages to successfully differentiates itself from the highly competitive world of the Hunger Games/Divergent & Co genres.

Crossfire takes you onto a journey where ancient history meets paranormal fantasy in the mythical world of The Amazons.

Mirissa the main character becomes of age, comes into her powers very quickly and faces her destiny head on. She goes from your ordinary prom girl to a strong woman on a mission.

I really liked that the story was fast paced and the author did not drag on the story just to fill up pages. Everything written in was justified and needed to be there.

I am really intrigued by the story of Greco, the only male Amazon in the history of the tribe and I am looking forward to read more about the Omega Group.
This saga has huge potential for development with each Omega Group member coming with their own back story.

Any YA fan looking to read something a little different will enjoy this.





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