Featured blogger on Chouett this week: LaChouett meets “The Tezzy Files”


Hello all,

Please welcome Tehzeeb, editor of the lifestyle blog “The Tezzy Files” as the newest “Featured Blogger” on Chouett.

I hope you will enjoy discovering her blog as much as I did. It is simply delicious!! Tehzeeb has kindly offered to tell us more about herself and the story behind “The Tezzy Files”.


LaChouett: How did you come up with this brilliant idea of creating a blog marrying beauty/fashion with food?

Tehzeeb: I started blogging because I love to write. If I wasn’t in the corporate field of marketing, I would love to have worked as an editor of a lifestyle magazine. The Tezzy Files is my attempt at creating a lifestyle blog that women can relate to and enjoy browsing through as they would their favorite printed magazine.

LaChouett: If you have to choose between Beauty/Fashion and Food, which one would you go for?

Tehzeeb: I am passionate about all three, but I have to say ‘Food’ is taking center-stage! I am loving how so many unexpected chefs are coming out of the woodwork and sharing their recipes with me*, and I feel privileged to be living in the UAE where we are truly spoilt for choice with the world’s best dining options.

*Here’s a list of links to a few blog posts by everyday people who also happen to be great chefs:
Christmas at Hema’s
Sharmin Assamese’s recipes for bhogali bihu
Sana’s traditional yakhni biryani recipe
Kashmiri cooking with nischay
Pancit Palabok: a special treat from the philippines

LaChouett: What is your favourite food? And is it from one of these lovely restaurants featuring on your blog?

Tehzeeb: I am such a foodie, it’s pretty impossible to narrow down to one favorite food!

My hubby and I are huge fans of Thai food, and our favorite place for Thai in the UAE is Lemongrass

I also love a good steak, and its amazing how many types of great steak there is! I really enjoyed the fusion Asian cuisine at China Grill, and their Szechuan Wagyu steak was super moist and drenched in Chinese flavors.

Silver Fox serves USDA prime beef steaks, and only 2% of the world’s beef make the cut. I was served a whopping 18 oz steak, and when I look back at the images, I feel gutted I couldn’t do justice to it!

A true connoisseur will tell you a good dish is totally dependant on the sauce. At Le Relais de l’Entrecote , they are so confident of their simple serving of steak, fries and a special sauce that its the only item on their menu for over fifty years! The sauce was simply out of this world, and their Le Relais de Venise Vacherin goes to show no one does desserts like the French.

LaChouett: One word to sum you up?

Tehzeeb: Quirky!

LaChouett: Being a book reviewer, I obviously would have to ask. Could you share your favourite book with us?

Again, it’s very difficult choosing one favorite book over so many greats but here are a few that come to mind:
‘Out of India’ by Ruth Prawar Jhabvala. I have read and reread these stories many times, and it never fails to impress me how a foreigner to India can have such a deep understanding of the Indian psyche.
‘Cat’s Eye’ by Margaret Atwood is a beautifully written novel exploring the childhood of an artist and her coming of age.
‘And the Mountains Echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini. A poignant, heart-wrenching novel centering around the deep bond between siblings, shattered dreams and the changing face of fortunes.


Thank you Tehzeeb


“The Tezzy Files” will feature on Chouett to the end of the week, feel free to visit!!”


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  1. Thank-you very much for featuring me on your lovely blog, I am truly honored!

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  2. I have been a fan of Tezzy files ever since I discovered her blog! Nice to see the blog featured here!


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    1. Hi, I am pleased you like it! Often I come across wonderful blogs and feel like telling everyone, hence the feature! 😀

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  3. Wonderful write up!

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    1. I am pleased you like it. I think her site is fantastic. My little browsing guilty pleasure😊

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