Pick the world – Help me choose the “selection” day!!



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  1. MyLovingWife says:

    I think Monday’s best because that allows you to announce it on Tuesday and everyone can gather info by Friday 😉 . Good luck !

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    1. Oh Dear God! Did the poll buttons not work?


    2. Doesn’t it give you the option to vote?


    3. MyLovingWife says:

      It did. I voted but I wanted to explain my vote. Sorry I got you confused 😉

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    4. Thank you so much! You just made me realise that my poll may need an additional comment box.


  2. syzumba says:

    I never did this before. So is the idea that i pick a place I would like to travel to and share why,what I like about it etc. and then we vote oN one we liked best ? Is that the idea?


    1. Not quite :). A country is pre-selected at random. If you know about let us know, and if you don’t, we all go on a virtual tour and still blog about it.
      The Dominican Republic was selected last and I had not been so here’s what I wrote http://wp.me/p5hvB0-cV

      It gave me an opportunity to learn about what a country had to offer (other than looking in travel brochures :)).

      For all the details, here’s the page https://picktheworld52.wordpress.com/

      Hope you will join us for the next one. I will post the randomly selected country at the beginning of the week.

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  3. Elle Knowles says:

    I’m open to learning about new countries even though I probably won’t have much input, so I’ll be lurking around next week! ~Elle

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    1. Well, did you know that had Pyramids in The Dominican Rep?

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    2. Elle Knowles says:

      I learn something new everyday! 😊

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  4. My report on Idaho is on my blog link

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