Cannonball Flowers

What a little beauty! Has to be shared 😊


An offering to Lord Shiva

This is called the cannonball flower, found mainly in the Amazon and in tropical climates such as India.

It is believed that the hindu God, Love Shiva loves these flowers. When I was in India in 2014 I took this picture of fresh flowers which were being offered to him-Lord Shiva-as an offering during puja otherwise know as worship or prayer.

Shiva is the cosmic dancer representing destruction, and in all destructions comes the restorations, He is the cosmic fire that destroys and in that destruction come renewal of all things.  Like a volcano that erupts, initially it may seem as destruction but over time the soil bears rich fertile soil for all growth,

I hope you enjoy to beauty of this quite rare flower, just as Lord Shiva does.

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  1. I like the reblog very much. I have been one year on Wordpost today

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