The Dream Journal

Because this is a beautiful short story deserving of a growing readership…I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Short Stories and Meanderings

Marena reached for her journal and pen before her eyes had opened fully, her body remembering the movement from habit.  She rubbed away the last blur of sleep, took a breath, and began to write.

“A continuation,” she wrote.  “I was young again, and still a faerie princess.  Don’t know what this princess theme is about.  None of the dream interpretations I’ve found on royalty really feel right.  The forest was mine to guard in the dream.  My family’s, that is.  My parents were in the picture, but more in theory than in presence.  I don’t have a clear recollection of their faces.”

She sighed and put the journal down, yawning.  She’d always felt close to her dreams, as if they were trying to communicate something important to her, but recently they’d been strange.  She had never had dreams that flowed night after night as if she were picking up…

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