Cover Blitz: “The Tycoon’s Wager” by Olivia Logan



Hello all,

Please join me in wishing a Happy Publication day to Olivia Logan author of “The Tycoon’s Wager which is coming out today!

Here’s the synopsis of the novel:

tycoonTo boost ratings and save her radio show, agony aunt CJ Stratt has no choice but to agree to a publicity proposition from Londonโ€™s renowned playboy Jack Harper. Theyโ€™ll go on eight dates, which sheโ€™ll tweet about to prove heโ€™s not the unreliable wastrel heโ€™s been painted as in the press.

Jackโ€™s desperate to squelch his irresponsible image to insure that the business deal that could make or break his career goes smoothly. Heโ€™s willing to do anything, including dating this quirky DJ with pastel-colored hair and a sassy mouth.

Jack knows seduction, but he has no idea how to love. Love is CJโ€™s business, yet she has never been seduced.

Somehow, this business just got personal


Now don’t we all love the idea of a bad boy?!!

Check it out!!



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