Read4Review: “The First” by Lisa M. Green

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I would like to first thank Lisa M. Green for providing me with a copy of her first novel and will provide here an honest review.

The story follows a young woman named Corinne who has to question the life she knows after discovering she has been deceived by her elders and that the source of her village survival is threatened.
Together with her brother and the love of her life Bhradon, she embarks on a journey to discover her truth and a way to save her village.

thefirstpicMy overall opinion is that the piece has it is, is a good read.
My rating is however reflecting my feeling of having started reading one story and ended up with another.

I feel there is a missed opportunity here, to have had 2 pretty damn good books rather than 1 good one:
One with a plot focusing on a village fighting against a threat of extinction and another plot seeing a people struggling to rid themselves of an uninvited evil.

Those two story lines are very distinct throughout the book however an attempt to marry them in one piece did not make it come quite together.

That said, this book was beautifully written and I loved the Corinne and Bhradon’s relationship, so defiant to the “establishment”.




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  1. The review makes me want to read the book even is out my normal reading

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    1. Really! I am really pleased about that. It is actually a good story. Please go right ahead.


  2. mihrank says:

    This is wonderful interview and great details!

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