Blog tour stop + Review of “Learn to Love Again” by Ellen Faith

Welcome to my tour stop for the “Learn to Love Again” novella by Ellen Faith



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I would like to thank Ellen Faith for providing me with a copy of her novella and here are my thoughts on it.

“Learn to Love Again” is both a tale of love and grief. It follows Lillie who lost her childhood sweetheart and husband Nick in a tragic accident. She is now trying to pick up the pieces and move on with her life; however in her case she just stops living.

It can be very difficult to tell a story where grief is heavily present and attempt to keep the reader entertained at the same time, but Ellen Faith did that beautifully. There was only one element I felt was just too fairy tale like and took the story away from its realness; and that was the too perfect ending. Mind you, it is fiction after all.

My favourite moments were those where I could relate to Lillie, understand and feel her grief, which is such a shock that she cannot utter a word for months. Understanding the impact on others sharing into this grief whether friends of foe was another interesting aspect, since when you suffer a loss you are so aware of your own that you cannot hear the cry of others.

The characters in this story were all very likeable and yes, you will love to hate Mrs Ives, I know I did. She is very reminiscent of that person known by everyone in the neighbourhood we all have, who cannot help just being horrible.

I suppose, what you will find here essentially is a very simple truth. When it comes to grief and moving on with life, we all need help. The hardest first step however, is to accept it.




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