My Blog Tour Stop of “Disclaimer” by Renée Knight + a little taster

Welcome to my tour stop for the “Disclaimer” debut novel by Renée Knight. Enjoy the review and have a peek at Chapter 1 of this gripping read!!


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I would like to thank Transworld Books Publishers for giving me the opportunity to read and review this novel. It really was a fantastic read.

I can probably summarise this novel with this little phrase: “Her version, his version, the truth…and the unknown consequences of what they did not see”. But enough with the cryptic and let me tell you what I thought about it.

This book and I actually got into a hell of a fight! As in, I was fighting sleep to keep reading and the book won. It was so gripping that I could not put it down.

“Disclaimer” is the recount of one story, Catherine Ravenscroft’s, and she would like it to remain buried. Unfortunately, widower Stephen Brigstocke has decided otherwise by writing a novel about Catherine called “The Perfect Stranger” in order to expose her for what she really is… a predator, and he would know having admitted to be one himself. Catherine has now no other choice but to do everything possible to make the story disappear.

As I do not want to reveal any of the plot details and trust me when I say that one clue would be a dead giveaway, I will share what I personally went through when reading the story.

Although I found Stephen’s side of the story pretty convincing, I did find myself routing for Catherine. As her world fell apart around her, I felt sorry for her not knowing whether her fate was well deserved or not.

In that sense, I felt that Renée Knight had skilfully created very complex characters, inviting us to somehow like human beings that could potentially be despicable. Added to that was a very clever plot with plenty of twists and turns along the way, which eventually got flipped on its head right at the end, making you question everything you just read.

Is it a happy ending? I will let you find out. I will however add that for a debut novel, it definitely sits on a shelf up there with the greats!!



Here’s a taster with Chapter 1


Disclaimer Chapter 1




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  1. poppypeacockpens says:

    Great review – I too loved this one & you’ve captured the essence of it very well! Agree, fabulous debut.

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