Book Review: “Crow Moon” by Anna McKerrow

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I decided to treat myself to “Crow Moon” after it was recommended by a fellow blogger. It was also an attempt to see what the continually emerging world of UKYA has to offer, and if Crow Moon is anything to go by then the literary world needs to be ready because the UK has something very unique.

In a nutshell, “Crow Moon” is about witches and magic. And I know what you’re going to say:” Yeah, yeah, been there done that!”, well not like Anna McKerrow did, I can assure you.

Here, you will not meet your typical brooding, clean cut, mysterious and “out of this world” beautiful male hero that has been so present in a lot of very popular novels that it has started to dilute the genre. Everyone! Meet Danny Prentice, who I am guessing is black (it says brown in the book), your average sixteen year old with only one thing on his mind, girls! Well Danny is about to have his life turned upside down while embarking on a new life as a witch.

crowmoonDanny lives in a divided world where his home The Green World has decided to lead a life closer to nature by given up on what you and I would consider necessities, with items such as cars, computers and mobile phones. The Red World, however on the other side of the fence still holds on to those at the rather expensive price of a war over the last remaining few drops of fuel in Russia.

What I think the author has done beautifully that I am yet to find in other works, is this fantasy world she has created that is so palpable it is almost real. She has made the world of magic and fantasy accessible to an extent, by introducing the reader to characters that are very far from being fairy tale like and who could be just you and me. Added to that, is the authentic environment created which could be a plausible future, where you can still feel the grittiness of the land whether in the eco-friendly Green World or polluted Red World.

Now onto the next world, this magic that the story oozes of. Here again, to keep things grounded you are introduced to Celtic deities and the myth of Brighid and The Morrigan. This area was evidently well researched probably in an attempt to remain as close as possible to ancient historical literature that we do know today.

My only piece of criticism of the novel however, is that I felt it did take a while to get to the core of the plot, but once there, it was smooth sailing through a very rich and exciting story.

I would highly recommend this read to anyone who would like to see a different side to magic.




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