Book Review: “Shadows” by Paula Weston


Synopsis from goodreadslink

I have always been a fan of stories about angels, and this novel is based on the biblical myth of the 200 fallen angels cast out of heaven. Unfortunately I did not enjoy “Shadows” as much as I thought I would.

As I am writing this review I am finding it a little difficult to tell you more about it as nothing in particular stood out for me. It could be that “Shadows” is a victim of one of my previous read called “The Hidden Ones” by Nancy Madore. Although not a YA piece, I may be making it a benchmark for all angel based stories subconsciously.

However I will attempt to be fair and tell you what I liked and liked less about this story.

Gaby our main protagonist is recovering from a catastrophic accident which took a twin brother’s life…or so it seems. As if this was not hard enough to deal with, she suffers from amnesia and finds out that she and her brother are the descendants of one the fallen angels who came down to earth some time ago roaming all the corners of the planet with a heavy sex drive and an insatiable weakness for young women.

20300224As Gaby is a half-breed, she is known as a Rephaim, race who is seen as an abomination by full breed angels. In an attempt to spare them a “not so fallen” angel makes a deal with the higher hierarchy so they have a chance to prove themselves and enlist others like Gaby to track down the fallen ones to take them back to hell. But Gaby won’t play ball.

I actually really like the plot, but as far as depth goes it did not go much further.

As the main character, I did not feel that Gaby brought a lot to the development of the story either. Her actions resulted in keeping things static or taking it to an unnecessary direction.

Most interesting elements moving the piece along were brought in by other characters such as Jason or Rafa.

I particularly enjoyed being introduced to the council of angels and getting the back story of Gaby and her twin through Jason’s eyes.

Although I did not feel the plot was fleshed out enough at the beginning, it did pick up the pace nearer the end and my rating is reflecting that this is the case.

I may not have enjoyed it as much as I thought would however I know a lot of reviewers who have, so feel free to pick it up, you might just feel differently.




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