LaChouett: Wrap it up August!!! I know it’s pretty late right…but still..

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe how late I am with my reading wrap up posts. I think it’s been at least 3 months since the last wrap up. I did read quite a few books in that time though 😉, so I feel it would still be worth sharing.

I read a total of 6 books in August, one classic, two contemporary fiction and three Young novels.

So let’s start with my first Daphne du Maurier read entitled “Jamaica Inn”. I had heard about Daphne du Maurier but had never read her. As a classic “Jamaica Inn” would rival with any good mystery novel today and I do feel that it was way ahead of its time. I just had an issue with the ending and you can see why right here.


Next was the first novel I read by Mary Kubica which happens to be her second one I believe. I must be the only one on the planet who is yet to read “The Good Girl”J. Well, I really enjoyed “Pretty Baby” and I am now quite looking forward to reading Mary’’s other work. Feel free to read my review of “Pretty Baby”. And if any of you have read “The Good Girl”, please send some of your reviews my way!!


My next read is what I would call a different kind of YA! It was “Running Girl” by Simon Mason. I thought this was such an original novel for its genre. This piece fits into the young adult contemporary mystery thriller category if there is such a thing, where the lead character is a budding investigator/genius, lazy as they come and still in high school. I don’t think I read anything quite like it and I loved that the ending surprised me. My thoughts about it are right here.


This next novel, I had been looking forward to reading forever!!! “The Secret Fire” is a first YA cross channel collaboration and was written by British novelist C.J. Daugherty and French author Carina Rozenfeld. It is a fascinating story looking into the fantastic world of alchemy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you will pick this up especially if you are into Young Adult fiction. And here are my thoughts on it.


“Shadows” by Paula Weston was my 5th read in August. A YA novel about fallen angels. I have always loved fiction based on biblical myths but I was not too taken with “Shadows” unfortunately and my 3* rating was a reflection of this. I quite liked the beginning, but it really never took off. That’s my opinion anyway, you might just feel differently.


Last but not least and my favourite of the bunch was “The Dress” by Kate Kerrigan. I absolutely loved this novel. It is a fantastic historical/contemporary piece and you will be sad to turn the last page on it. I could not pick up anything else to read for a couple of weeks after reading “The Dress” and here is why.


Hope you enjoyed this little list and let me know if anything is taking up your fancy.



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