Last stop on the “Targeted and Trolled” tour with Rossalyn Warren

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Welcome to the last stop on the “Targeted and Trolled” blog tour with a short Q&A with author Rossalyn Warren.

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Targeted and Trolled blog tour

  1. What advice would you give someone who is experiencing sexist trolling at the moment?

I think the first step is to recognise it. Sexist or abusive messages can sometimes be so ingrained in us that we brush it off without realising it can be harmful. From seemingly smaller things such as the type of comments that are brushed off as “banter”, to the more harmful types of harassment, you have to remember that it’s not normal or acceptable behaviour, and that you have done nothing wrong to be on the receiving end of it. The next step would be to talk to friends and family about it – they will offer a supportive ear and help stop you from being consumed by it all. And lastly, take precautions online – when possible, report the abuse, document it, and if it gets worse, there is now the option to report it to the police.

  1. Who do you think has the most responsibility to stop this online abuse?

I think the core responsibility lies in two areas: police authorities, and the platforms that the harassment and abuse exist. Tech companies need to really listen to those voicing their concerns over harassment – at the moment, they are too slow, and not addressing it in the sam seriousness as other online issues or crimes that operate on their sites. Police authorites need to continue to work on training and programmes that increase awareness of online harassment both for their own staff and the public, and when someone reports a incident of serious online harassment, understand that it is a problem that can deeply disturb an individuals personal life.


  1. Do you see this as a problem that can ever truly be overcome?

A woman should not have to fear her mental well being or safety will be damaged by logging on the internet. As more people recognise online harassment as a problem that needs solving, the quicker it can be stopped. I don’t think online harassment or abuse will ever end – but I also don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect that one day steps will be taken to ensure that it will be very difficult for trolls and abusive people to cause harm online.

  1. Was there one particular incident that truly shocked you?

For myself, personally, the incident that shocked me the most is detailed in the opening page of my book. A man sent me a photo on Facebook, and the horrific way that it made me feel is a feeling I’ll never forget.

  1. Is there one question you’d like to ask an internet troll?

Do you have a day job? A hobby? What do you do in your spare time? But mostly what I would love to know is: what happened to you in your life that fuelled your need to cause others pain?

Thanks Rossalyn


You can find Rossalyn on Twitter @RossalynWarren



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