Book Review: “Seed” by Lisa Heathfield

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Ignorance is bliss…

And in Pearl’s case bliss is all she has ever known or at least a manufactured version of it.

Being Pearl, is like being a prisoner of the mind, except that this mind is not her own. It has been shaped into everything she is not and although it might not be ready to break out of its gilded cage, Pearl might just not have the choice.

I actually really liked this book and at the same time, it was a real unnerving read. It had, all the ingredients of what we outsiders understand to be a cult. From the apparently saint like and self-anointed messenger of God (aka Papa S.) or in this case, of Mother Nature, to the strange rituals that only seemed to be expected from the women members of the Seed community, with only one life aspiration…to become Papa S.’s companion.

seedpicThe only way to experience this life, for at least a short while, was to be Pearl and the author just wrote her beautifully.

As the reader, we share into her happiness, her naivety, and when Papa S. decides to welcome outsiders to the community, we live through her squashing very quickly that little niggling feeling letting her know something is not quite right.

However, Ellis’s introduction to Seed with his family, is refreshing and is a turning point for Pearl, as life as she knows it is about to change.

I found this quick introduction to life in a cult in this novel, absolutely fascinating, in the sense that the illusion of freedom for the members of the SEED community was their version of true happiness.


Some may break away themselves in time, but it would seem almost cruel to have to rip Pearl away from a life she is so happy with, to make her face a reality she might loath. It would however be necessary though, because at least, it would be the truth.

This is not an easy read, but you will find yourself routing for Pearl to the last page, and that in itself makes it all worthwhile.



Thanking Team @EMTeenFiction for providing me a copy of this title.


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