Book Review: “The Girl In The Ice” by Robert Bryndza

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You could say that Robert Bryndza is my security blanket. Robert is my go to guy when I feel blue. Albeit a different blue than on “The Girl In The Ice” cover and If you have had the opportunity to meet Coco Pinchard in his previous writings then you will know exactly what I mean.

Meeting Erika Foster was really intriguing. It felt like I needed to shed all the “Coco Pinchard & Co” skin that had grown on me previously so I was able to give DCI Foster a fair chance as part of the author’s first attempt at going 360º towards the thriller genre. And what a fabulous debut this is!!

Let’s go back to DCI Erika Foster for a moment since there would be no story without her.

thegirlintheiceShe enters the scene to investigate the murder of Andrea Douglas-Brown. Young white rich girl and daughter of a prominent political figure with a promiscuous behaviour that would probably top a league table if only one for that category existed. Andrea was maybe a slut, but still she did not deserve to die for it, and certainly not in the circumstances surrounding her passing.

DCI Foster’s job is made difficult although not surprisingly, by the current Detective Chief Inspector on the case who is only waiting for her to fail. Added to that is a thick layer of smugness that unfortunately can come with families of a certain station in society often looking down on people of Erika’s origins.

This gripping debut is a real page turner with twists and turns that will keep you hooked all the way.

If there is one piece of criticism that I will allow myself however, is that of the choice for the murderer. A couple of things that just did not quite fit with his selection in my opinion. Again, this is a matter of personal taste.

Those last few lines are however only a small blip amongst the brilliant elements that make this piece a great novel. A few of my favourites being the high level political corruption being explored and how it can be used by the main players to advance their personal agendas.

I also really enjoyed how throughout this story, media coverage or lack thereof was examined and highlighted, and the degree of importance that we as a society award to a victim who happens to be a prostitute or a person in the public eye.

Still today two very sad truths.

Thriller fans and new readers of this genre will thoroughly enjoy “The Girl In The Ice” and I am happy to recommend it to all.



Thanking Team @bookouture and @NetGalley for providing me with an copy of this title.


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  1. edvantic says:

    The Girl In The Ice is a brilliantly clever crime thriller


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