Discover the lady behind “Slated”, “Mind Games” and “Book of Lies” – Teri Terry Q&As

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to introduce you to an author I don’t know very well myself, so I am really grateful that Teri Terry took the time to visit to share with us her world of writing. She is the author of the “Slated” trilogy, “Mind Games” and more recently the paranormal thriller “Book of Lies”. There is certainly something to pick here that will tickle your fancy. Until you decide which read to go for though, let’s discover a little bit about Teri.


Discover Teri!

1) For the reader who is just about to discover who Teri Terry is, can you give us 3 words who best describe you? Feel free to elaborate on the reason behind your choices.

The reader can only really discover who I am through what I have written, so I will do three words that describe how I write:
Three words about me? I’m a stubborn introverted extrovert. Or a stubborn extroverted introvert. I can’t quite decide.

2) From the dystopian world of your previous writings in the “Slated” series, to the paranormal world of the “Book of Lies”, how did you find the transition in terms of world building? And do you miss the characters you left behind from Slated?

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It was time to move on, so I wouldn’t say I miss my characters from either the Slated trilogy or Mind Games. Though I don’t truly leave them behind, because I still talk about them and get asked about them all the time.
I really enjoyed doing something a little different with Book of Lies, but at the same time, from a writing point of view, I didn’t feel the task of world building was hugely different. In every story you have to show the external and internal worlds the characters inhabit, and draw out the things about their world that are important to them and to their story. I never look at world building as an isolated thing, or as a task to show the whole world; it is always in connection to the characters in this way. So the task is, in many ways, just the same.

3) If you could live for one month, in a dystopian world other than the one you have created which one would it be and why?

None of them! Sorry, can’t think of one I’d like to visit: that’s kind of the nature of the dystopian thing.

4) “The Book of Lies” is your latest novel. Could you tell us a little bit about it in a few sentences?

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Twins raised apart meet at their mother’s funeral. Why were they separated, and why is it so dangerous for them to be together? A psychological thriller with a supernatural twist.

5) Quinn or Piper, which twin came to tell you her story first?

Quinn – I had her voice from the beginning. Piper was harder to get to know.

6) What made you want to explore the sisterly bond that can be sometimes destructive? And why did you choose a paranormal setting?

I’ve always had a fascination with twins, with what it would be like to have someone who looks exactly like you on the outside. How much alike would you be on the inside when you’ve been raised apart like Quinn and Piper? This was what interested me.
The paranormal setting came into it from needing extreme reasons why they were separated.

7) If you could have a magical power, which one would it be and why?

I’d like to fly. And travel in time. And read minds. And..
Oh. You said one. The first thing that occurred to me is to fly: I used to dream of flying all the time. Which is odd in a way as I hate flying in the usual way.

8) Could you tell us “10 things” we don’t know about Teri Terry?

I don’t think I can! I think I’m very open about the things that I’m happy to share, so they’re probably here and there on my website, Facebook, other interviews and so on. There are personal and family things that I mostly keep to myself –eg how old I am is rather hard to find..!

9) How old is Banrock, and how long have you been best buddies?

Banrock the bunny is nearly 12 years old! Same answer to both.

10) What is your guilty pleasure?

Ah, what to choose….
I love notebooks, and keep adding to my collection even though I have more of them now than I could ever possibly use. I have shelves and shelves (and a box or two) of notebooks. If each one were to become a new novel, it is frightening to think how many I’d have to write.

Thank you Teri


Happy reading everyone!!


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  1. Fantastic review, Slated is possibly my favourite dystopian series ever.


  2. Auto-corrected interview to review? Whoopsie!

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