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Hello everyone, and welcome to my stop on “The Silent Twin” by Caroline Mitchell tour where I will be introducing you to this novel with my review. There are several stops on this tour so don’t forget to hop on!

In the meantime, enjoy!

Welcome back to Haven everyone, where the veil between the dead and living is at its thinnest. This third instalment follows DC Jennifer Knight assigned to a most difficult and delicate case as well as every parents’ worst nightmare…the abduction of one’s child.

This time round, DC Knight is a one man band, as a Family Liaison Officer otherwise known as FLO, she alone is tasked to investigate the circumstances of Abigail’s disappearance, 9 year school old girl and twin sister to Olivia. Both girls are children to Nick and Joanna a family who seems perfect on the surface, but once this latter is scratched, its secrets have the potential to take them to such a dark place that their involvement into Abigail’s abduction is considered to be a strong possibility. However, all is not as it seems…

The level of complexity and associated heightened emotions that comes with dealing with this type of investigation is difficult enough but when the paranormal world gets involved, it just takes matters to a brand new level, hopefully it might even help.

silenttwincoverIf you are familiar with Caroline Mitchell’s world I am sure you will have enjoyed watching DC Knight come into her own. From discovering her gift in “Don’t Turn Around” to exploring it further in “Time to Die”, Jennifer is now surrounded by a new team, known as Operation Moonlight, with gifted people amongst them and therefore familiar with the implication of having to deal with the unseen. No more feelings of not quite fitting in, and no awkward looks or whispers from colleagues who just don’t get it. She is now in an environment where she can just focus on the job and thrive, even if it means having to deal with the illusive world of the occult.

As always with each new book the author not only keeps you entertained but she also gives you something to ponder on. Here she explores the sisterly twin bond, and having Haven as a setting enables her to speculate as to what this would entail.

If there is one small piece of criticism to be expressed, it would be one of personal preference. I would have loved to see more of the other members of the Operation Moonlight team. Fingers crossed, it will happen in Book 4.

In the meantime, I can safely say that any fan of paranormal thrillers will enjoy “The Silent Twin”. No need to start from the beginning of the series if you don’t want to, although I would highly recommend that you do as “Don’t Turn Around” did kick start my love of this genre and remains to this day a favourite.



Thanking Team @bookouture for providing me with a copy of this title.

Meet Caroline Mitchell on Twitter at @Caroline_writes


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