My #weekendcoffeeshare…And the “Brexit meme”. Oh wait! I can’t vote!

Here’s one I made earlier!

I posted this back in April when the campaigns to leave or remain started. Two months on, one day to the fateful vote, I am hoping this might just help… You never know.


…If we were having coffee right now, I would probably tell you that I might just need something with a little bit more of a kick to cope with the ending week…Irish coffee ☕ comes to mind actually! I have always wanted to try that. It’s got a nice intriguing ring to it 😊.

While we are being inundated with the news coverage of the unfortunate and untimely passing of the only Prince on the planet who was going to upstage the Queen’s 90th birthday, and I mean this with no disrespect here, may Prince Rogers Nelson’s soul rest in peace…and throw the heavens a huge party!! My mind is about to explode!

I am a book 📖 reviewer, so politics is really not my strong point. Not sure what compelled me to write this post however it is obvious I have something to say about the “EU Brexit: In or out?” question that has been plaguing every single person living in the UK for a while now.

It is absolutely everywhere! On the news, social media and in our very familiar newspaper medium. There is just no escaping it.

I am a French citizen, so really why should I care?!

Well, for one, the United Kingdom has been my home for the last 20 years. Great Britain has provided me with opportunities at a time when my home country was unable to do so. I learned a great deal here and still am. I am also able to contribute to the growth of the country where my child was born and is now being raised.

So when it comes to the EU, what do I think? In or Out?!

Well, if I could vote this is what I would tell you.

One thing I know for sure is that the UK was Great before the EU and the UK will be Great after the EU. And I do not think this has anything to do with its ever changing economic climate, but more a testament to its people.

If there is one thing I have learned about the UK and its citizens, “In or Out”, after that June 23rd fateful day we will make it work.

Don’t be angry because President Obama has an opinion. After all, he is visiting a free country where freedom of speech is adhered to and he is also here to protect the US interests. The guy is only doing his job.

Unfortunately, we are being bombarded by two opposing campaigns who are completely missing the bigger picture here by dividing the country, when the strength of the Kingdom resides in its unity.

So my advice to you is to just know this:
The smartest people in the room, do not have a crystal ball and they cannot predict the future. They can campaign to preserve what they do not want to lose because right now that is all they have and that is all they know, however it is as far as it will ever go.

There is a greater focus on what the UK stands to lose, but other members will not remain unscathed by a UK exit and this is hugely played down.

The truth is, there are pretty good arguments to stay in the EU and also very valid arguments to exit, however neither side can give you an answer as what is best, because they just do not know.

So, on the day… actually, you can probably just do this right now!!

Just cut out the noise!!

Forget about President Obama (by the way, I do like the guy 😊), forget about the campaigns.
Just ask yourself if you love the country you live in as it is. I know it is not perfect but really nowhere in the world is.

As an individual, ask yourself what the EU has brought to you and you it? Has your life been enriched? Do you see potential, for you and your children, your loved ones? Do you feel at home?

If there is anything that the two “In or Out campaigns” have in common, is that they both stem out of fear. Fear of the unknown.

So just take politics and economics out of the equation, because good or bad those elements are always going to remain and they are surely not going to help solve the current issue at hand.

What you are not being told, is that you are master of your fate and any change in the UK right now starts with you. So on the day, vote with your values because this is what will unite you.
Remember who you are as a people.

I know! …it would have been so much easier if they had figured that one out:).


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  1. Solveig says:

    When I lived in the UK I remember people grumbling about the EU costing money, but so much was financed by the EU. Everywhere there were signs saying that the EU was financing this or that.
    The U.K. Being part of the EU is great for people from Europe wanting to study there as the tuition fees are the same as for nationals, I have no idea if that will change one day…
    I guess Charles de Gaulle should have let Britain join the club when it really wanted in the 60ies… It just never felt like a real member of the club, and with all the opt out clauses for Maastricht it is not as European as all the other member states (except for Denmark which also had many other opt out clauses and well Greenland, a Danish territory is not part of the EU anymore…).
    I don’t have the feeling that much will change, Norway and Switzerland do cope well with their outsider status but with many privileges. I guess what will change is less money invested into the EU but also less being invested by the EU, especially by the EU’s structural funds…
    Sorry for the long comment by this hard core Europeanist.

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    1. Really not a problem at all. Comments are definitely welcome :).

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  2. I like you thoughts very much. As the vote doesn’t effect me I will opt out. I stayvout US politics and didn’t realize Obama was in England or made comments. I shudder at our next election.

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    1. I have to say I shudder at your election too. The idea of any potential leader at the head of your government who sees power as a way to curtail people’s liberties is frightening. Any man (or woman for that matter) who only wants power for themselves is very dangerous and if you suspect that any candidate is leaning that way, the best thing to do is to vote to ensure that this person is never given that power.

      A candidate who fails to understand that holding office is a privilege gifted by all US citizens and not a right should not be anywhere near your White House.

      Wishing you good fortune for November 2016. The world and I will be watching :).

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    2. You are so correct this states election did not see

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    3. Your are correct. When I see how many eastern states Trump is winning I shudder. He did not win the Idaho republican primRy, Hillary did win the democrat. I see Trump is heading to Washington state right now. That is a very liberal state. Idaho is republican and will remain so as the state is gerrymander to keep the republicans in power.

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    4. The only thing we can do is have faith and hope for the best.

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  3. Tanya Phillips says:

    Some great points. I have to be honest I really don’t know which way to vote. I feel like there is so much information but all conflicting.

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    1. That is why I feel it is important to bring it back to basics. Forget about the big numbers and trade agreements they are all concerned about. Just think about what it means to you as a person. Simple things like being able to travel abroad, or getting goods that maybe you would not normally get if out of the EU. Do you have European citizens neighbours, and how do you feel about that? Basically, think about little things you can tie back to your daily life. Hopefully this will help.


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