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Hello everyone,

Today, I have a “sneak peek” for a book I am currently reading.  “Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan” by Julia Wilmot and the only little clue that I will give you is that, even angels can mess things up apparently. 

Have I got your attention?

Well, if you want to know more feel free to read the excerpt below.




Anthony took a deep breath and pulled on the ribbon to summon Gregory. Nothing happened. Anthony tugged the ribbon again. But still nothing. Gregory was ignoring the summons. Indeed at that very moment Gregory was watching Emma as she finished her packing for her trip to New York and was congratulating himself on a job very nearly well done. Just this last bit. All he had to do now was ensure that she got to the airport safely the next morning so she could perish in the plane crash as planned. Ironic eh? He was very aware of the summons from Anthony but had no intention of obeying the call. He knew there would probably be a few questions to answer when this was all over but he wasn’t going to expose himself to what he saw as any more of Anthony’s self righteousness, when he was so close to bringing this whole unhappy episode to a happy conclusion. Just one more night and then all this would be over and he could return to his usual role. There would be the need for a full investigation into how it had happened in the first place, and he secretly hoped that his role in the resolution would not appear in such a difficult light if he could focus the beam of discovery in the direction of those who had created this problem by failing in their duty and necessitating the need for his involvement.

Anthony had no idea what to do. It was usually impossible for an angel to resist a summons, but Gregory was no ordinary angel and was not in the habit of taking orders anyway. If Anthony could not recall Gregory he would have to go and find him. There was no point in doing that until Josh had found Emma’s life plan and Anthony was able to confirm for himself that what Edmund had told him was in fact true. He had no doubts, however. Edmund was a reliable angel and no guardian angel would get their charge’s recall date wrong. He looked at poor Edmund, who hadn’t been given a chance to set the story right, and was now standing looking bewildered. tugging at his feathers and chewing his bottom lip. Anthony smiled at him.

‘Don’t worry about this Edmund. We will soon have it all sorted out. I can’t imagine what’s happened but at least we’ve caught the mistake in time and not too much damage has been done.’

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