Book Review: “Unboxed” by Non Pratt

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It’s funny how a time capsule has the effect of suspending everything for a while, or at least for the time it is buried. But when unearthed, all who took part in sending a message in a bottle to their future self, or to each other, just come to life…even the dear ones who have departed the physical plane.

Meet the “Freaksome Five”, Alix, Ben, Zara, Dean and Millie.

Time has come to dig out a time capsule where our five friends deposited mementos of their best summer a few years earlier with a few secrets not to be revealed until they reunite.

unboxedSadly only four friends are able to make the rendez-vous as Millie was taken from her loved ones by cancer a few years ago. It does not mean that she is not here…On the contrary, as the dust is wiped off from this mysterious buried treasure, although not present, her soul definitely comes through. She was after all, the glue that held the group together.

However, a few obstacle remain. What will happen to the group once all is revealed? Will they grow further apart, or will they resume their friendship where they left off? As our friends get together again, for the first time in a very long time, we can feel all their apprehensions coming to the surface.

I wonder, would they have come if Millie had not died?

Non has written a beautiful story about friendship and has weaved in the tragic topic of death delicately and respectfully. We see how the foursome is impacted by the absence of their friend, and how it then becomes a catalyst for their decision to lead a full life while remaining true to themselves. This is particularly true of Alix whose heavy heart is lightened the minute her secret is revealed and accepted.

Although a short read, it will take a while to tell you exactly what happens to them all, so I will let you pick this book up and tell me what you think.

This a great read for all and as it shows how friendships can remind us of who we really are.




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  1. anankhan98 says:

    This sounds intriguing. I once watched an anime that was about five friends, one of whom had died. It made me cry a lot.


  2. Elle Knowles says:

    Sounds interesting and a short read is all I can handle at the moment! Off to make the purchase! ~Elle


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