My late stop on the “Books for Living” blog tour

books-for-living-blog-tour-banner-jpgI missed my stop!! But I did not want to miss the opportunity to be on the tour so, with permission granted, it has somewhat been extended to include my delayed post on the tour. If you asked me, this genre of books need to be talked about all year round, tour or not.

And with this spirit, I am going to go through a small list of books that have impacted my life in some ways.

One thing to add before we get down to business, is that when it comes to books and how they impact my life, it is not a list that is set in stone. I have found that I have picked up “by accident” many works I did not know I needed at the time, and the message or messages they conveyed was always incredibly timely and helpful, so without further ado, let’s discover the first book.


foolishkingcover“The Foolish King”

I discovered “The Foolish King” recently in the latter part of 2016. And on top of a very entertaining story it taught me that I did not need to be a child to have a favourite children’s book. Before reading it, I had always felt a twinge of sadness at not having a favourite book as a child. But now, when asked, I simply answer that if I had had one, it would have been it.



“The Book Of Harlan”

harlancoverThis one taught me something that I knew but did not truly understand. That everything you are taught about World War II, you will not always find in history classes and sometimes what you will find will even raise more questions, and that, you will have to dig deep to not be distracted by the wad of information often false these days that are thrown your way trying to divert you away from the truth.



Udala“Under The Udala Trees”

With this one, I am still learning. Learning about freedom and what it means. Is what I am taking for granted only the result of being born in one part of the world rather than another? How fragile is it and is it likely to change?




“Only Ever Yours”onlyeveryours

Any dystopian fiction is only one step from becoming reality…if we let it.





Are you on your own journey to find  your books for living?  This might help you a little.



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