My stop on Antonia Hayes’s “Relativity” blog tour + GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone,

Today I have the pleasure to take part in the tour for a wonderful book alongside quite a few other bloggers. I can safely that I thoroughly enjoyed “Relativity” so I hope my review will entice you to look it up on your next trip to your preferred bookshop.





It only takes a second to snap and make a decision that can change the course of your life and others forever. This is where “Relativity” takes us, through the tale of Ethan and his parents Claire and Mark.

Ethan is only 12 years old, and at this tender age, he has faced more trauma than most, victim of a shaken baby syndrome attack by a loved one at 4 months old and blissfully ignorant about this awful event until life decides that it is time for him to face it. Putting aside any possible physical scarring resulting from such an attack for a moment, we soon discover that Ethan is a gifted young man who has the ability to see what others cannot. Ethan can see “physics”, waves and lights that no one can see with the naked eye.

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While his gift grants him wonderful sights and a unique perspective on the universe, he remains blind to the answers that he seeks, the ones that will explain, why it is just him and his mum and why she never talks about his Dad.

“Relativity” is a fascinating work of fiction that will make you journey through the “grey area”, constantly making you feel like you are walking along the edge of a cliff, trying to figure out whether Mark is guilty and evil, because just like Claire, you really want to love Mark. You will wonder if time really heals all wounds and if everything can ultimately be forgiven. In the end, you might just have more questions than answers…I know I do.

Aside from being a fantastic tale, it is beautifully written with quantum physic metaphors and the beauty of it is that, there is no need to be sci-fi savvy to understand it. Although I will admit that as a Star Trek fan I felt quite in my element.

The only point of criticism I would have at the moment is the lack of closure. But then again, like anything in life, do you always have to get it?



Thanking team @CorsairBooks for providing me with a copy of this title.


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  1. Amanda Nason says:

    Heard lots about this book. It sounds amazing!

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  2. Paul Barnes says:

    Would love this amazing book

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