Book Review: “Gilded Cage” by Vic James + Giveaway now closed.

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Gilded Cage as a title, does not give much away and might even be guilty of lulling you into a false sense of security by shaping your expectations of what this all thing might be about. Well, you could not be further from the truth.

England as we know it will feel safer compared to the alternate universe England you’re about to enter, and you will be wishing for one of those portals to take you back to your reality and save you, although none will come. In this England slavery is still present, in this England, slavery has no colour. Your only saving grace here is to be born in the dominating magical aristocracy ruling the country or hope and pray that when your 10 year of servitude has come your magical and naturally selected Master will be good to you.

gildedcagepanSurely, any being bestowed with such magical gift will inherit an equally great amount of wisdom?! Well at least, this is what Abi thought, so enrolling her entire family early for their Slave Days, only made sense, until the day they all became ward of the state arrived and a cruel realisation came along with it.

As far as political intrigues are concerned, Gilded Cage is reminiscent of current affairs with one question at its core that remains one of equality throughout. Magic is an essential ingredient to this novel, however it is not overpowering and leaves room for all characters present to develop naturally, and that is true for both magical and non-magical folks alike. And when in action through one of the many scenes that requires it, magic will not be all fairy dust and glitter…Far from it.

Although a work of fiction, Gilded Cage will give you the opportunity to consider history through a different lens, while being told by a brilliant story teller in Vic James. This is a hell of a debut novel and in my books holds a top spot among the great dystopian tales present on our shelves.

I cannot wait to read the second installment and would happily recommend it to all.



Thanking Team @UKTor for providing me with a review copy of this title.

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  1. Chelley Toy says:

    Thanks so much linking this review up to the British Books Challenge x

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    1. No problems sweetie 😘 😘


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