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Hello everyone and welcome to my tour stop, where you will have the opportunity to read the 1st chapter of the recently released “I Have Lost My Way” by Gayle Forman and hopefully it will whet your appetite for more of the story.

Without revealing too much this first chapter sets the scene for 3 individuals coming from different walks of life who all have in common that sense of not being who they should be and that things are not quite right in their life at the moment. On one particular their worlds collide.

Happy reading!!

I have lost my way.
Freya stares at the words she just typed into her phone.
I have lost my way. Where did that come from?
“Excuse me, miss,” the car service driver repeats. “I think
I have lost my way.” And Freya startles back to reality. She’s
in the backseat of a town car on her way to her seventh—or is
it eighth?—doctor’s appointment in the past two weeks, and
the driver has gotten turned around outside the tunnel.
She toggles over to her calendar. “Park and Seventieth,”
she tells the driver. “Turn right on Third, then left
on Seventy-First.”
She returns her attention to the screen. I have lost my way.
Eighteen characters. But the words have the undeniable ring
of truth to them, the way middle C does. The way few of
her posts these days do. Earlier this morning, someone from
Hayden’s office put up a photo of her gripping a microphone,
grinning. #BornToSing, the caption read. #ThankfulThursday

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  1. Oooh my interest is definitely piqued.
    Cora |

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