My Stop on the “Theatrical” by Maggie Harcourt tour

Hello everyone,

Just a short and sweet stop on the Theatrical blog tour where Maggie takes us Backstage!



By Maggie Harcourt

While the world beyond the stage door is still a bit of a mystery, there are ways to get a glimpse of it: you can wait outside after a performance to show your appreciation for the cast. You can follow the Instagram accounts of shows like Hamilton West End, their casts & crews and watch their video takeovers by everyone from the understudies to the wig and wardrobe teams. You can check out the rehearsal blogs and photos that many theatres put up on their social media, or maybe join in the conversation around a show by attending a panel or Q&A like the ones the Almeida regularly hosts. Best of all, you could even take a backstage tour of your favourite theatre – like the Old Vic’s legendary “Ned’s tours”, run by their stage door manager Ned Seago. Visit the production departments of the Royal Exchange in Manchester, walk onto the stage at the Lyceum in Edinburgh, get the scoop on Dublin’s Abbey Theatre or peek through the curtain at the Swansea Grand… or maybe just see what’s on and let yourself get lost in an incredible show. Wherever you are, your local theatre is waiting for you.


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