My stop on the “Floored” tour with a review

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the “Floored” tour.

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I turned the last page and was left wanting more so I am hoping to see the “Floored” crew again soon.

As far as multiple POVs and collaborative novels go, this one was really well put together. Each character got a fair amount of screen time and an intermission summary helped joining the dots in between all major events. But let’s meet the characters who are about to have their lives forever changed by one timely event. In no particular order, meet Dawson the child star, Kaitlyn the straight talker, Sasha the glue to the group, Joe the dreamer, Velvet the romantic, Hugo the as*hole  and…Steven the guy in the lift. Although Steven has a relatively short lived cameo appearance he is the catalyst who will catapult our friends to a point of no return.

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Forget the work experience for Kaitlyn, Dawson, Velvet and Hugo. Forget about the school visit for Joe and his classmates and let’s not talk about Sasha’s delivery parcel. Today at UKB, the biggest broadcasting house in the country, anything big is happening in the lift that our 6 protagonists will find themselves in with Steven and although he will not carry on the same journey with them, the trauma of the day’s event will be the start of a budding unlikely friendship which will span over a few years and will endure.

At some point, you will hate Hugo, you will love Hugo, you will love Dawson and you might even hate him a little bit too. If anything, you will forge your own relationships with the characters and wish you were in the book with them so you can help them on the right path. I know I wanted to get in a few times to shake Velvet silly. In any case, they do find their way and although it is not quite happy ending …because let’s be real, when is it ever happy ending?!, one thing is for sure, they will not remain the same people you will have first met in the lift and who they turn out to be might even surprise you. But no matter what ups and down they go through they will have each other to fall back on, and that is the story of a beautiful friendship.

Thanking team @MyKindaBook and @MacmillanKidsUK for providing me with an early copy of this title.





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