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Anyone with an active social media profile will be able to relate to Kat to some degree, depending on how much of your reality is lived online. But how much of the real you are a series of binary codes? Do you risk a deletion from the physical world if most of your life is lived online? Is a life devoid from social interaction something that you would choose over online popularity?


Through no fault of her own, Kat is sent on a path to social media oblivion, which has unintended catastrophic consequences that could become permanent.


Wesley, who unlike Kat who feels perfectly happy to remain unseen in the real world, would do absolutely anything to stand out from the pack and become visible. When Wesley sets out to ruin Kat’s social media influence to advance his personal ambition, his success is complete, and more than he’d hoped for, until the prospect of someone’s demise at his hands becomes too real and he has second thoughts.


Kat’s life becomes more and more pixelated, and Wesley seems to be the only one who remembers her. His journey to repair the damage caused, gets him to cross paths with a group called ‘The Lonely People’. Who knows? They might be the key to bringing Kat back.


I could not help but reflect on my own social media presence while reading this, which does take a little bit of room in my life especially as a book blogger. That said, I can easily switch off from it, probably a consequence of not being born in the social media era. But for some, social media is the only form of interaction, so every facet of a person’s life is more real in the virtual world than it is in the real one and can be easily lost if nothing acts as an anchor to reality. How the author explored this through the stories of the various characters was brilliantly done. The novel touched on loneliness, as well as the ugly side of social media and its risks. All in all a brilliant read that I will happily recommend.


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  1. Excellent review 🙂
    All The Lonely Peopel really made me think about my social media use too.
    Cora |


    1. Yes, you can easily drown in it if you’re not careful

      Liked by 1 person

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