My stop on the “Sing Like No One’s Listening’ blog tour

Hello everyone and welcome to my tour stop

Today, I am reviewing “Sing Like No One’s Listening’ by Vanessa Jones. Enjoy!

Grieving is difficult and we all do it in our own way, but for Nettie the pain she feels for the loss of her mum is physically manifesting into the loss of her singing voice, her greatest gift. There is too much too soon for Nettie to deal with when an unexpected acceptance letter to Duke, the most prestigious performing art school in London turns up. This might be Nettie’s only saving grace, the chance to start over and realise her dream. Things are never this simple of course.

Out now!

First, Nettie’s mum happened to be a very familiar feature as an extremely talented ballerina to the Duke’s teaching staff and coming out of her mother’s shadow to become who she is supposed to be while voiceless will be no small task for Nettie. There are also the mean girls, Natasha and Jade who relish in making Nettie’s life hell. And of course, there is Fletch, super talented 3rd year on his way to become a star who shares an undeniable connection with Nettie which meets its fair share of complication.

There is a lot to explore in this novel and not all of it is through the main cast. Nettie happens to have a very supportive trio of sidekick in Kiki, Alec and Leon who happen to have their own stories and struggles. This added nicely to the mix.

If there is one piece of criticism I would have, it would be about Fletch the love interest. Out of all the characters, I found him quite passive and many a time I wanted to shake him silly but maybe that’s just me.

All in all, this was the perfect holiday companion and I happen to love the world of musical theatre so I was totally in my element. Also, something tells me there might be a sequel, so this is one thing to look forward too.

If you love musical theatre, you will enjoy this title and if you are a romantic at heart this will be for you too.

Hope you will pick this up and let me know what you think.

Thanking team @MyKindaBook for providing me with an early copy of this title.



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