My stop on the “Love On The Main Stage” by S.A. Domingo

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Hi all,

Today, I have a review of ‘Love On Main Stage’ by S.A Domingo. But before you read it I have a secret to share. I have never been to a music festival where camping and wellies are required. The closest I have been to is a street carnival and it is in that spirit that I share my playlist. Who says I can’t have my own festival at home :).



This end of school year is bitter sweet for Nova. If only the only thing she had to worry about was just acing her GCSEs, but no! This year had to end with her being cheating on and having to see Nate parading himself shamelessly with his new girlfriend, how annoying! Thank God, Gemma her partner in crime is here to throw them daggers on her behalf. At least, it’s nearly over and it won’t be long until the festival season starts this summer, a time Nova promised herself to enjoy fully, in between her shifts at the Eats & Beats, her parents fusion food truck, feeding hungry festival goers with the delicious mix of West Indian and African home-cooked food they are well known for, and the free time she’ll have to watch the few shows she has on her list, a time for inspiration for her own song writing. So, no room for a boys, and after Nate, who can blame her?

Needless to say that things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Sam Rodriguez happened, and although they are from two different worlds, Nova and Sam have their love of music in common. But will this be enough for their budding relationship to flourish and survive?


Out now!

‘Love On The Main Stage’ is great feel good read exploring different themes through the characters and their stories. The contradictions between Nova and Sam are well played out, one wants no secrets while the other wants to remain a mystery so that he can find his own success. There is also a rather lovely sub plot with Nova’s parents, Deana and Hector. Both display love, hard work and sacrifice and seeing their story develop did not come in the way of the main characters, but rather added to the tale as if making an original dish with different ingredients.


If you’re a lover, of food, music and love, this is for you!

Thanking @teambkmrk for providing me with an early copy of this title.


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