Book Review: “The Bone Season” by Samantha Shannon

Synopsis from  goodreads_logo_140-b533b2204258ee95a93b7c7882d24080

I am really tempted to read this first installment again before “The Mime Order” comes out next month.

For now, here’s my April 2014 review:


For a few weeks now, I have been reading 5 star rated book after 5 star rated book and The Bone Season did not disappoint and is a slam dunk!!

I did not know at all what to expect and ended up being pleasantly surprised.

I had hardly heard about Samantha Shannon and read somewhere that she had been predicted to be the next J.K. Rowling, although I do not think there will ever be such a person since Ms Rowling is so unique.

However just like her, Samantha Shannon is in a category of her own.
The world of Clairvoyance that she has built is absolutely fantastic.

I loved the characters, and was surprised with some of the decision the author made with their chosen direction. Completely unpredictable!!

I strongly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the upcoming #themimeorder which judging by this piece will no doubt be a chef d’oeuvre.




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