Series Book Review: “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer” by Michelle Hodkin

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This is book 1 in the Mara Dyer series and I read this back in April 2014


My rating should be more a 3.5.

It did not wow me but the ending was great.

Throughout the book it fell like being on a roller coaster of great moments and very dull ones.

The story started great and then the whole Noah/Mara relationship went into a tangent.
Maybe it was needed so that the reader could establish that Noah was his own brand of odd, I am just not certain it needed to drag on this long.

Once the ‘dating’ phase was done though, it really became interesting.

My favourite part of the book is the wink from the author to the angel/devil relationship embodied by Noah as a healer and Mara has a destroyer, I thought this was cleverly done.

I am however intrigued by the Jude character so I will probably read book 2.






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