“Pick the world” -The Dominican Republic (aka Hispaniola)


Hello peeps!

Did you guys know that The Dominican Republic is formerly known as Hispaniola? Well, I will be the first to put my hand up and admit that I did not.

I belong to the part of the world population that is yet to go to The Dominican Republic and enjoy what it has to offer.
While being there first hand would have been better, I had to do a little research instead, and I am happy share with you a couple of things that have sparked my interest.
I came across these 2 painters and thought their art was absolutely beautiful. I really wish one of those pieces could be displayed in my living room :). Yes I am also a dreamer I guess.

A piece by Ramon Oviedo
A piece by Jose Rincon Mora

Being a book reviewer first (well, after wife, mum and a few more things that is…:) lol), I looked up a couple of authors that I am looking forward to read (click on pics to find out more)


And that one place I would love see with my own eyes in former Hispaniola is the Pyramids of Valle Nuevo! Did not even know they had any.


So, do you guys have in your traveling/interests little treasure chests?



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  1. Have been to DR many times and it is a beautiful country with happy, fun people. Have been to Haiti as well (completing my Hispanola visits) and although beautiful, much poorer. If you get a chance, go for a visit! You’d love the beaches, people and music! 🙂

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    1. Have you? Would you consider putting together for the Pick The World blogging event since we’re talking about the Dominican Republic this week? If you have pics to show us it would be great!

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    2. I’ll see what I can find! 🙂

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    3. That would be great! Looking forward to see what you come up with.


  2. drkottaway says:

    I want to go to Turkey and go back to Denmark and to go to Argentina to tango and I want to see a rainforest other than the Hoh Rain Forest…. that is, I would like to go to a warm one… and lots of other places.

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    1. Well, I am sure Pick the world will get to Turkey, Denmark and Argentina at some point. We will be able to blog about it soon I hope.

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  3. thatssojacob says:

    Oooh, Dominican Republic! So pretty. Not a fan of Junot Diaz though, found his book pretentious.

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  4. Thanks for the information. I didn’t realise about the pymk”ppppppppp


    1. Pymk? Here’s a word I have not come across before. What do you mean 😊

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    2. It was an error and it went through without Irealize it. It should have been pyramids as I believed either the Aztecs or Inca Indians lived there.

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    3. That would explaining it! Hope you will take part in the next one this week!

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