Country to feature Pick the World this week is : The United States of America


Hello peeps!

Well, I was hoping for France but hey! Cant have everything :).

Our second feature on “Pick The World” will be the US of A. I imagine we will have a lot to share around on this country. Happy blogging!!


See you all here on Friday!!



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    1. Please do! I have never been there. you could have a small post and a few pics! I am really looking forward to see what you come up with.

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    2. I am already thinking about it. I will post on my blog do I need to post anywhere else?

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    3. Yes, once your post is up on your blog, paste the link to it here in the ‘leave a comment’ box so that we can view it. It will direct traffic to your site as well which is a nice little bit of exposure. 😀

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    4. My Idaho is on my blog. I have posted a link to on your blog but it didn’t work for me

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    5. Hi I think your link is broken. When it is repaired can you also copy and paste it in the comment box here so everyone can visit your post 😊

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    6. I can’t cut and paste on the Kindle so I copy the link. I will be on my computer later a d will copy the link and hope it works.

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    7. As I can’t find the link please send another one


  1. that traveling nurse says:

    okay, im confused. where do i get to read posts on the countries? and if i want to contribute, i know you put it up on your blog and then paste the link to where?

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    1. Sorry, I might not have explained it correctly. You can access #picktheworld by clicking on the event icon via or you can access it via I have posted the instructions to participate there. I have also created a post for the country we are blogging about in the ‘blog’ part of the site. The country we are working on is the USA. When you have published your post on your site, just copy and paste the link to it in the ‘leave a comment /reply’ box right here The blog will have a new post corresponding to a new country every week. Hope it helps 😀


    2. that traveling nurse says:

      thank you for your reply. correct me if i’m wrong. i clicked on that last link you gave above supposedly to view other comments/posts about the USA but i don’t see anybody commenting. is it because it is not friday yet? or people can start posting already?


    3. Yes it is correct. The country is selected on Monday, so there is enough time to create a post and the links are posted on the Friday. But you can paste the day before if you like 😀. Have you had a look at the post on the Dominican Republic in the blog area of site? There are only 2 links but it will give you an idea.

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    4. that traveling nurse says:

      Thank you for patiently clarifying! 🙂

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    5. Not a problem at all, if anything it shows that I might need to be a little clearer in the future 😊


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