Book Review: “The Selection” by Kiera Cass

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If you’ve been following, you would have noticed I mentioned “The Selection” in my last review of “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard.

Well, I happened to have enjoyed reading “The Selection” a lot more.

Here’s the review I wrote back in September 2014.


Before I picked it up, all I kept hearing about this book was that it had a “The Hunger Games meets The Batchelor” concept. This could either put off readers or like me , intrigue them.

selectionpic I found this read to be very entertaining, so much so that I picked up “The Elite” (book 2) right after finishing this first instalment.

It had the right amount of, drama and romance on one level, balancing with the more serious topics of inequality and political unrest that we are unfortunately too familiar with these days.

All in all, a very entertaining read.

Don’t have any pre-conceived ideas…just pick it up read it and make your mind up.






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  1. thebookishuniverse says:

    They must be amazing but haven’t read any of the books, but really want to. I’ve heard that the movie is coming out soon

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    1. Wow, had no idea there was a movie out. Thanks for letting me know.

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  2. I read the three books from America’s perspective. i haven’t read the couple novellas that go along with the series. I really loved these books! I cannot wait for the heir to come out. I loved that there was a history there that actually intertwined with real history. It added a level to the book I really appreciated. I only wish she went into more depth about it. I will say i really despised the ending of the last book. Not because of what happens but because a lot happens and it is almost given no thought. You read in so much detail how she eats her food every day but then there is this huge ending that you’ve been waiting for, for three books and a lot happens but it basically glanced over. Oh well, i am excited to see what the new book will entail.

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    1. I have not read the third one yet. I should probably squeeze it in :).

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