LaChouett: Wrap it up February!!


I know we’re well and truly gliding through March 2015 already, however I would not feel right unless I shared my February reads with you all. So, it is a little late, but better late my than never.

Looking back on those reads I think I did not do too badly as far as going across a few genres. We have 2 YAs, 1 fiction/thriller/mystery, 1 fantasy and a poetry book. So without further ado, here they are:

(Please click on pics for reviews)

gregopicMy first February read was the “Greco” novella by Andrea Domanski and is part of the Omega Group Series. I would admit that it was not one of my favourite reads, however still a necessary one if you have read “Crossfire” and want to know more about the Greco character. I myself am looking forward to reading “Rogue” by the same author which I have heard is a fantastic read.



redqueenNow onto debut novel “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard, which has had rave reviews and was probably too hyped up by a lot of advertisement which did not do it any favours. I still feel that it had a potential to be great but did not deliver. I will also add that Victoria Aveyard is only just starting out as a published author and a writer and like all authors is on a journey and I am looking forward to reading her next work.


girlonthetrainpicIf you have not yet read “Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins, I suggest you pick up a copy the minute you get to a bookshop or even Amazon it if you can!! Although it was short of a 5 star rating for me it was well worth the read. This novel will please any thriller/mystery fan.



whenshadowfallspic“When Shadows Fall” by Bruce Blake was my Read4Review epic fantasy read this month and although I attempted to convey my feelings about this very good piece through my review I am not sure I made it justice. Bruce Blake is a very unique story teller and it would be a shame not to read him.


poisonedappleMy final read this month and well deserved 5 star rating was “Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty” by Christine Heppermann. If you have not read poetry before and a bit wary like me about this literary art, I would strongly recommend you start with this. “Poisoned Apples” completely erased all my misconceptions about poetry as its style goes against its traditional roots and is more current. Probably more aimed at a feminine readership but most men having a go at it would probably find it enjoyable too.




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  1. Elle Knowles says:

    I’ve got The Girl On The Train on my list! ~Elle

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    1. Elle Knowles says:

      How’ve you been? I see you have been busy reading!

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    2. I have been so late on my reading that I have been struggling with my blogging. It’s one of those vicious circle. How are you?

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    3. Elle Knowles says:

      Same here! Too much to do and too little time!

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  2. I was in spotvwere reading was a problem. I think I may over now and back to reading.

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