Read4Review: “Bound” by Kate Sparkes

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As far as YA fantasy novels go, this is probably one of the most underrated read I have come across this year. I kept reading this piece wondering why had I not seen it advertised anywhere, displayed on your usual bookseller shelves, and why I still don’t. “Bound” is definitely on par with the most popular YA reads sold right now and can hold its own. I really feel that Kate Sparkes is an author to watch.

The world of magic and fairy tales is one that many authors venture in with repeated tried and tested formulae. What made “Bound” standout for me, is not the world where the story took place but the journey that the main characters are on. The tale focuses on the people and not necessarily on what they can do with their magical powers. This is the difference that essentially makes this book a great read.

boundpicYou will still meet your “want to dominate the world” power hungry villains and Aren is maybe one of the cruellest sorcerers there is, until he is hit by a spark of compassion from Rowan, a young lady who is currently questioning everything she knows  and seemingly has no idea about her magical heritage.

As a female character, I found Rowan refreshing. Watching her learning about this new world was like seeing everything through the eyes of a child. Aren’s journey however, is one of sacrifice and he is learning that his past actions have consequences in the present even if he is a radically changed man who has now learned to embrace an emotion he has been taught was a weakness all his life.

This piece would not have been complete if it was not for the right amount of humour and sexual tension between the characters dotted throughout the read. So thank God it has some of that too.

Bound is the perfect read for any YA fantasy & romance lover and I highly recommend it.




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