Read4Review: “Kept” by Elle Field

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I would like to first of all thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review her work and will provide an honest review in return.

If you were to look at my bookshelf, you will see that I have not read many novels from the chick-lit category (by the way, this category really needs to be renamed!), however it is changing slowly so far, probably in line with meeting my goal of reading more widely.

keptpicBack to “Kept” now, which I would admit to not have taken to right away. My rating was set on a 3 star for a while but gradually progressed to a 4 star rating and this is the reason:
Although I enjoyed getting to know the personality of Arielle, the main character of the piece, the first quarter of the book was written as what I can only describe as a very long “Arielle monologue” travelling back and forth between the past and the present. My criticism of this point is twofold: The Arielle monologue is very fitting and completely captures the essence of this young lady trying to find herself. When we first meet her, we are faced with a self-centred young woman who behaves like an ungrateful brat and who thinks the world revolves around her.

For this reason the Arielle monologue is perfect. It is however not to my taste but is a matter of personal preference.

The remaining three quarters of the book were a delightful read. From this point on, we are introduced to several characters bringing their own voice and story to the novel. In addition to Arielle finally having a life changing moment those new characters will add some depth to Arielle’s world.

Basically, I went from wanting to shake her silly to rooting for her. A complete 360° turnaround!!
I also get the feeling that the author really enjoyed writing Arielle’s journey to achieving her dream. This certainly came through in the novel. This made me look forward to the second instalment and is also the reason for my rating.







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  1. Thank you for reviewing Kept! {^_^} I’m so pleased that you stuck with Arielle to see her 360°, and I hope that you enjoy how her journey continues in Lost. x


    1. Something tells me I will.
      I have a soft spot for Obelix!! He’re just as real as they come lol.


    2. I love Ob, too. He “writes” the prologue and epilogue in Lost, and you’ll get to hear more of his direct voice in the third book in the series! {^_^}

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