Shakespeare taught me…be careful who you call the fool… #aprilfools

Because it’s April’s fool’s day, I will choose this little piece as my #reblogwednesday!!



You might feel fooled if you fell for a prank today. But a good fool, a traditional fool, would have had it almost impossible not to fall for the prank. Because a good fool, would study their “victim” and use the right moment and timing to get the effect they want on others.

I was never a good fool.

I am not devious enough to manipulate others. Oh I am not being a wet noodle on April Fool’s day. I am not saying you are evil if you pull a prank today. In fact, go for it! Show off your cleverness as you pull the veil over someone’s eyes. All I’m saying was, I was usually the one being fooled, not the fool-er.

Have you ever pulled a prank? What was your worst prank you fell for? Share in the comments!


But the traditional fool was one to be admired…

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  1. ayietim1 says:

    Always as honest as possible, keep, keeping it real.

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