LaChouett: Wrap it up March!


Hi Guys! It’s April already, the year is just flying by and so in my reading. As always, I like to start a new month looking back at my reads during the previous four weeks so here it goes. I liked the fact that I managed to go across genres this time round as well with two YA/Fantasy, one thriller read which was a real thrill by the way, one historical fiction piece and a chick-lit novel.

boundpicLet’s start with one novel that I have mentioned time and time again as being one of the most underrated Young Adult read of 2014. “Bound” by Kate Sparkes is the first instalment in the Bound Trilogy and my first Read4Review this year and you can read my well deserve 5 star review right here. Please also note that Kate has just recently launched Torn the second book so if you like Bound don’t hesitate to pick up that one as well. I will certainly read and review it on Chouett so stay tuned.



Keeping with the YA/Fantasy genre, let’s get onto “The Society of Imaginary Friends” by Kristen Pham which was societyofimfrpicalso a Read4Review read this month. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this read as much and it is reflected in my two star rating. However, before you give a pass to this one, please read my review as it might just pique your interest and you may have a different view of it.

Nosilentsreampicw, onto an absolutely fantastic debut thriller by the one and only Angela Marsons called “Silent Scream”. This is my second read of this genre this year and is so gripping and so well told that there is no words I can find that will do it justice. Please, please, please, do not let 2015 end without picking up this book you will be kicking yourself. It goes without saying that I also gave it a 5 star and you can read my review here too.Let me quickly add to this segment that I am very excited to announce that I had to privilege to interview Angela Marsons and she will feature as my first ever author interview this week, so please keep an eye out for it.


confectionerpicNext is Laura Madeleine’s debut historical novel “The Confectioner’s Tale”. Beautifully told story that will be taking you to Paris in the 1910s. As it is yet to be published my review will be posted closer to the released date of April 23rd 2015, however I can reveal that it is also a 5 star read. In the meantime, you can read the synopsis on Goodreads. I will be also taking part in the blog tour and you can find out all about it on
with all my upcoming April events.



Lastly, “Kept” by Elle Field was my last Read4Review and earned a 4 star rating and you can read all about it here. Anyone who enjoys a good contemporary chic-lit novel will love this one. Elle’s sequel “Lost” is out early in April.
So, who’s getting the crown in March?! It can only be “Silent Scream” by Angela Marsons

Please do share what you enjoyed reading this past month



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