Book Review: “Kaelia Awakening” (Mortiswood Tales #1) by Gina Dickerson

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of her work so I could read and review it and here are my thoughts.

I do like a good Fantasy/YA tale so when this title came my way I was really excited at the prospect of reading it. I will admit that the fact that it was set in the UK was a plus and I was also very intrigued by its underlying mythical world based on Norse mythology that I know very little about.
From that perspective, it was very different from other Fantasy tales I had read in the past albeit with the main ingredients fitting into the YA genre.


kaeliapicMeet Kaelia, young girl who is coming into magical powers she never really knew she had while at the same time the only world she knows crashes down around her. And this is pretty much how the book starts which is an absolutely brilliant beginning as it should set the tone of the book.

Unfortunately, the tale loses momentum right after this explosive starting scene.

The stops that Kaelia makes on her journey to self-discovery I felt were a little long-winded and offered very little information. For example, she will make a stunt in magical school for a few months but the reader will not have any more idea as to what she has learned there, but just that she has.


Those heavier parts of the tale however are lifted by the introduction of interesting characters along the way, accompanying Kaelia on her journey. The Vallesm, a wolf who seemed to have pledged his allegiance to her; Bran who is one of those bad ass magical characters that nice girls should not be mingling with, inherently evil but definitely complex. And Calix the normal guy with a heart of a superhero.

In this tale, rather than the plot, the characters are the story and I am looking forward to finding a little more about them in the next instalment.




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