Blog tour stop + Review “Kaelia Falling” (Mortiswood Tale #2) by Gina Dickerson

Welcome to my stop on the tour for the recently released “Kaelia Falling” by Gina Dickerson



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I would like to first of all thank the author for providing me with the second installment in this series and my thoughts on it are as follows:
“Kaelia Falling” is the second installment in the Mortiswood Tale series and is taking up where “Kaelia Awakening” left off.
Let me first say right away that I enjoyed this novel much more than the first one and if you would like to read my thoughts on it you can find them right here.

Since it is a sequel, a quick glance back at the previous book will bring my preference for this one into focus.
Forget about the weaker plot and the long-winded journey of Kaelia’s self-discovery in book 1, “Kaelia Falling” I felt, was a huge step up in the right direction. The author takes you deeper into this rich magical world she has created which is a perfect complement to the rather complex characters I loved reading about in “Kaelia Awakening”.

Although a little eerie, I particularly enjoyed discovering The Salloki world through its very descriptive narration. This installment also gives you the opportunity to getting to know the main characters a little more and you are introduced to some new ones as well, Lifa being one of them. I absolutely loved Lifa, as her introduction to the Mortiswood world showcased an unknown side to Bran and also explored the “love birthed out of darkness“ concept beautifully.

All those elements together with a well-paced movement throughout the novel really made the story come together. I am really looking forward to the final denouement of this tale.






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  1. Belated thanks for joining the tour, I am pleased you liked the book (and Lifa!)!

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    1. You’re welcome. Looking forward to the next installment


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