Blog Tour Stop + Review of “Return to Bluebell Hill” by Rebecca Pugh

Welcome to my stop on the Return to the Bluebell Hill tour where I will be reviewing Rebecca’s Pugh’s recently published debut novel of the same name. 



Let me tell you a little story…

Newly published author Rebecca’s Pugh is a real testament to the simple but true mantra “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. I am delighted to have been able to witness this young lady going after her dream and making it happen.

When Rebecca was announced as the newest addition to UK Carina’s portfolio, like a lot of my fellow reviewers, I kept watch over the “gestation” of this soon to be born literary baby and celebrated when it was finally here. But then it hit me!!! What a nerve wracking position to be in, having to review it. Thankfully, Rebecca made it so easy for me that I proudly gave a 5* rating to this fabulous debut novel.

“Return to Bluebell Hill” sees Jessica McAdams, going back to her home to Blue Bell Hill, a home she had no intention to return to after leaving it behind 10 years ago without looking back. Jessica’s estranged parents have suddenly died and she finds herself in the unfortunate situation to have to deal with what this very sad adjustment usually inflicts on loved ones; except that Jessica could not love them. How could she?! They never let her and never loved her back.

Don’t be fooled by this apparent simple premise which seems to be setting the reader up for a typical “chick-lit” read (By the way I still don’t like that word). Rebecca cleverly explores the impact of children and parents relationships here and how they bleed through to everything else in your life especially when getting to an age where you are able to form your own.

Psychology aside, this story was told with a light hearted and entertaining voice. I particularly enjoyed Jessica’s investigative journey, as clues were scattered around in the book and kept me reading. Just like the main protagonist in the novel, I just wanted to complete the puzzle.

Fans of literary fiction with a heavy dose of romance will thoroughly enjoy this read and I gladly recommend to all




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  1. marjma2014 says:

    Sounds good. I like to hear about new debut authors thanks for drawing this to my attention.

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