#IBW2015: LaChouett meets “David’s Bookshop”


Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of the #IBW2015 (Indie Bookshop Week) celebrations, I decided to take part and looked for the indie bookshops in my vicinity. Well, there are only 2 in the 10 miles radius of where I live. I was lucky enough to go to one of them and hopefully I will make my way down to the next one soon.

So, let me introduce you to David’s Bookshop in Letchworth. This very welcoming indie store has been in the area since 1963 and is located in the heart of the town centre.

My visit there was made even sweeter by the fact that Paul the owner of the bookshop kicked off the Indie Bookshop Week celebrations with an organised event for fans of Emma Healy author of “Elizabeth is Missing”. So not only did I get to visit my local bookstore, but I also got to take part in the event which was a first for me. Needless to say I left David’s Bookshop that evening, with a big grin on my face and a couple of books in my bag, I was definitely a happy girl. So, happy that I decided to go back…

Now, you may wonder why I would go for second visit so soon, and the answer is very simple. Paul and his team are very welcoming and you can see right away that they really enjoy what they do however, the second reason was because I wanted to see the book shop when there was no event on and to get a better feel of the shop on a “business as usual” day.

Well, I was in for a treat…literally!! You see, David’s Bookshop does not only specialise in the industry of the word, but also in the love of music!!! So once you’re done picking up a few novels, nothing stops you from purchasing a couple of vinyls and maybe a guitar!!! And once you’re exhausted with all the shopping, you can just sit down relax and recover your energy with a hot cuppa and a well-deserved slice of cake.

Still up for more shopping? Well don’t forget to browse through the myriad of second hands books on the second floor. And if you have no more room left in your book bag, it’s ok, because you can always come back…Just like I did!

You can visit “David’s Bookshop” at http://www.davids-bookshops.co.uk/ and follow them on Twitter @DavidsBookshop




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  1. Glad David’s Bookshop is still there. In the 1980s & 90s I used to live in the area and often visited it.


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