Author Spotlight!!: Sophia McDougall


What do you say you tag along so we can discover an author

As you know, I recently ventured out in the world of children’s books and thought I would keep it up. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to pick up a new children’s book yet.  So what do you say you tag along so we can discover an author together?!

What to tell you about Sophia McDougall?!!

Well to tell you the truth I don’t know very much apart from the fact that she has written quite a few pieces, “Mars Evacuees” being one of them and that her latest publication came out just a few days ago and is titled “Space Hostages”.

Now, why do I want to read her book?

Well, after listening the reading below, you’ll get it!! She’s freakishly good at telling a story and I will be modelling my story reading technique after her. Hopefully I won’t be too scary :). Also, I have not been in an alien world with my reading this year so I am quite looking forward to it!

Want to hear an extract? Voila!!!




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