Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: “Deep Water” by Lu Hersey

Hello Everyone,

I have the pleasure to take you on the last stop of the “Deep Water” blog tour, and debut novel by Lu Hersey. I hope you enjoy the review and take a minute to take part in the giveaway!! Enjoy! – GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED


DeepWaterBannerWelcome to my review of one of the most anticipated debut novel (at least anticipated by me!) in 2015. I will admit to shamelessly stalking Lu on Twitter until her debut novel release and begging her publicist for months to get a copy of “Deep Water” 🙂 !!!

Let me tell you that it was worth the wait!

Every time I pick up a UKYA title lately, I keep saying:” I have not read anything quite like it before” and this is also very true of “Deep Water”.  If you have read any of my reviews before you will know that I am a very impatient reader and that I always try and guess either how a book is going to end or its inner mystery. With “Deep Water” I proudly guessed “MERMAID”.  Obviously, I was wrong and this is the only clue you’re getting from me.


NOAA-shipwreck1However I will tell you a little more about, Danni, the young lady and main character who is one day put in a situation where her mother disappears in very mysterious ways. Being underaged, Danni has no choice but to move to her father’s home while the circumstances of her mother’s disappearance are being investigated.


The move to her father’s village is not going to be an easy one and Danni will need all the help she can get from Levi her best friend and other characters she will meet along the way to help her embrace her gift or curse depending on how you look at it.

This novel will grip you from the very first page; it is shrouded in mystery and only reveals just enough to keep you reading.  And this is a testament to the quality of the author’s writing.

I found the introduction to the mythical element of the tale outstanding! Lu Hersey’s cleverly weaved in the fantasy side in the story seamlessly, so much so that you will not realise it.

After finishing this read, I am however left with so many questions and would like to explore this mythical world a little more. I would love to learn about the qualities of the gift which seems to only be passed down to women from one generation to the next (or is it?!). I also felt that the consideration given to religious fanaticism was a nice touch as it is such a current issue in our society today.

“Deep Water” will resonate with every readers and each will get something from it I am sure. I gladly recommended to all.



Thanking team @Usborne for providing me with an early copy of this title.

Thanking Amy at Usborne for providing me with a copy of Deep Water

And Here’s the Tweet for the Giveaway!!


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