LaChouett: Wrap it up July!!

Hello Everyone,

And welcome to my July wrap up, a little late I might say. But still I thought it would still be nice to share my reads and what my thoughts were with you.

I only read 4 books in July, so hopefully I will be catching up in August.

Let’s start with “Miss Wrong and Mr Right” by Robert Bryndza which I read when I needed to lift up my spirit a little. I am sure you know what I mean as we all get those moments. Well “Miss Wrong and Mr Right, was not only my first read by the author, but it successfully managed to put a big smile on my face. There is a lot to say about humour. It definitely is good for the soul!!! And humour is what you will find in this book with Natalie Love the main character in need of a complete “Life refurbishment”, her Gran Anouska who I loved!!! Yes, this lady could tell you a few stories and…Mr Right and you can find out more about this novel reading my review.


My second read was a Young Adult novel called “Deep Water” by Lu Hersey. Deep Water is quite unique, in the sense that it brings the world of Celtic myth and folklore to the YA universe and I don’t think it has been attempted in thatmanner before which I think is wonderful, as it is grounding the magical world often associated with make believe to more historical traditional roots. You can read my thoughts about it right here.


theartofbeingnormalNow, let’s talk about my 3rd read this month, which is “The Art of Being Normal” by Lisa Williamson. I am still kicking myself for having waiting so long to read it. This novel is the first LGTB book I read this year and it focuses on teenagers who are transgenders. It is by far my favourite read this month and is my only 5*rating which is well deserved. It has opened my mind to a world that I do not fully understand and that I know very little about and for that reason I will explore similar reads in the future. And here’s my review!!


Last but not least!!

thegirlwhowoulntdiepic“The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die” by Marnie Riches. A fantastic mystery thriller that dared venturing out in the world of Diverse Writing. Absolutely fantastic read set in Amsterdam with a great lead character. It didn’t make it quite to a 5* for me although very close and you can read my thoughts on it here. Who knows, maybe I am a little picky!!!

If I had to choose a favourite to recommend, I would be a tie between “The Art of Being Normal” and “The World Who Wouldn’t” Die” :).

So, what was your favourite read in July?



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  1. I read many books in July and it is hard to pick out favorite. Here is the link to my July books in between are my photos blogs.

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