Blog Tour Stop: “Pretty Baby” by Mary Kubica

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the “Pretty Baby” by Mary Kubica blog tour. If you have read “The Good Girl” you will be familiar with this author. “Pretty Baby” is her second novel.

I hope you enjoy my review.

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Is a threat always that obvious?

This is the question I was asking myself throughout this read. And if you decide to pick it up, I will let you ponder on that one :).

“Pretty Baby” is my first read by Mary Kubica. Although, I had heard of her very popular previous work “The Good Girl”, I went into this read with a pretty opened mind, as I was yet to discover her work. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Out now!!

In this novel, the author introduces us to your pretty normal family going through life. Heidi and Chris are raising their young daughter. Chris is investment banking while Heidi works for a non-profit organisation helping those in needs. However, one day Heidi decides to go one step further by opening her home to a vulnerable teenage mother and her infant without consulting her husband and daughter. Is this charitable move a dangerous and naïve one?

The honest answer is there is more to this story that meets the eye!!

The plot itself is not an elaborated complicated one, however the characters make the story.

Heidi and Chris’s daughter is your typical teenager and I do feel that Chris probably needs to …(sorry about this…) grow a pair and put his foot down.

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However, Heidi and Willow seems to be the most complex characters of the piece. Willow definitely does need help, but probably not the kind she is getting and we find that out as we get to know her throughout the book. This young lady has pulled the short straw in life and all her actions are a result of a need for self-preservation and at one point self-sacrifice.

And while everybody’s attention is on Willow as she appears to be posing a threat, nobody seems to be watching Heidi…

This psychological thriller is well paced and will keep you turning the pages. I particularly enjoyed how the Heidi character was written. The change in her was seamless. However what I loved most about this book is the secret behind Willow’s life story that is shared with the reader only.

Fans of mystery thrillers read will definitely enjoy this novel

“I loved it like x’s love o’s”



Thanking the Team at Mira Ink for providing with a review copy of this title


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  1. clanton1934 says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this author and your review. I look forward to your next one. ccr

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  2. Jerri Kindig says:

    Been SOOOO looking forward to this book, I can’t wait to read it! I am into Weepers right now, a fantastic thriller by Nick Chairkas, it’s been amazing! There are some great thrillers on my tbr list, my fall will be full of great reads!

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