Book Review: “True Fire” by Gary Meehan

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The feeling that you get, when your expectations of a book has been not only fulfilled but surpassed is one of the greatest.

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised and if you by any chance come across this read, go in with an open mind and forget about any other novels rumored to be a comparison.

Our main character Megan finds herself separated from her twin Gwyneth, at a time in her life where she needs her the most. She is pregnant and has just seen her entire village and family slaughtered. No time to think though as she has to get into survival mode to not only protect her unborn child but also to get to Gwyneth and save her. On her journey she enlists the help of Eleanor, dethroned Countess and Damon, a character we find later to have questionable allegiances.

truefirepicMaybe some reviewers might disagree with me on this one, and that’s perfectly fine. However, I do feel that in this instance what is at the core of this novel is less about the characters but more about the mythical world Gary Meehan has very skilfully created.

Don’t get me wrong here, our trio can more than hold its own, however, I do feel that the power struggle illustrated between the followers of the True and the followers of the Faith is the real story here, and it underpins what this novel is about. The inhabitants of this realm are caught in a battle for power between two camps claiming to be the true way, but are in fact as corrupt as each other. So the choice then, if there is one is between the lesser of two evils.

It is easy to draw comparisons to our own timeline with this story, particularly when thinking about religions and politics, although maybe with a lot less wicca activity, or maybe not…?

As for our author Gary Meehan, I thoroughly enjoyed his storytelling. Megan and Eleanor are two ladies you don’t want to mess with and their strength is well balanced by the witty Damon who stole the show more than a few times with his hilarious one-liners. What I enjoyed the most however, is the folklore and tales written in both  “The Book of the Faith” and “The Book of the True”, the reason behind Megan’s journey.

This book is on par with the best YA writing there is out there!!
Highly underrated in my opinion but don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself :).



Thanking the team at @QuercusKids for providing me a copy of this novel.



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